Refund Policy

At AWDORG Foundation (Anything Will Do) is committed to help the mankind for basic education and its further needs. In this process if there is/are any refunds pertaining to non-fulfilment of any project that the donor has funded for, we are entitled for refunding the donated amount after the logical deduction of expenses made so far in the same project.

However, please note that donations made to AWDORG Foundation are refundable under terms and condition that are agreed upon at the time of donation. This policy helps us to use our resources efficiently and effectively to provide educational opportunities to served communities.

If you have any query reach out to us at +919811301101 or write to us info@anythingwilldo.org. We are committed to resolve the matter in 72 working hours. Thank you again for your support of AWDORG Foundation.

All donations are subjected to New Delhi judication.